On Finding a Job

Lucky me! I’m about to graduate from law school! You know what that means: finding a job.

Find a job. Easier said than done. As is oft repeated by everyone and their grandmother, the market is bad, even in law. I was stupid and waited until the last minute (of course) to begin searching. So now I’m frantically looking through listings and trying to find something appealing. I’ve noticed an interesting trend in listings. If something is listed as “entry level attorney,” the employer would like at least 3 years of professional experience (with one year, of course, doing intensive contract negotiation with one of the emirs of Qatar), five published articles, and– preferred, but not strictly necessary– the cure for cancer. It is discouraging, to say the least.

But I recently had a rather clever idea. My mother received these little note cards from someone as a gift and didn’t really want them:

She never goes by “Sue.”

She was talking about giving them away, and I thought that surely I could find some use for them. And so my idea: why not use them to find a job? I could mail these out to friends and potential employers, and I’ll be swamped with offers in no time! Why, just look how easily this card can be fashioned into something appropriate and tasteful:

On bottom: the inside of the card.

I’m kidding. But I did totally mail it to my parents as a joke. Anywho, I’m not going to give up! I had a meeting with one of my old bosses (the best boss ever!), and it was really helpful and motivational. Just gotta hang in there…it only takes one yes!

Turkish Delights & Tea

I’ll say it right now: if the White Witch from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” came up to me and offered me a seemingly unending supply of Turkish Delights, I would get in her little sled and do whatever she wanted. I don’t blame Edmund at all.

I grew up watching the BBC version, so this is the only White Witch I recognize as legitimate.

Anyway, when I saw it as a kid, I had absolutely no idea what Turkish Delights even were. But Edmund went bananas over them, and they looked foreign and exotic, so I was intrigued.

…And now I can’t stop eating them. I recently had the good fortune to visit Turkey, and I went to the Egyptian Bazaar..

Oh god, yes.

My basic (and excited) approach was to buy everything. And now I have an abundance of Turkish Delight!

Which I eat off of exotic golden dishes, of course.

My favorite flavor is probably pomegranate with pistachios rolled in…wait for it…little crunchy balls of chocolate. Oh lord, it’s like a religious experience. The orange with hazelnut is great too (in the picture above).

I’ve also recently started to get into loose leaf tea, so I’ve been having a wonderful time stuffing my face. I’m currently looking for a cute (but efficient) way to store my loose leaf tea without it going stale (which apparently tea can do?). I was thinking of using some old glass jars I have lying around, but I read somewhere that the storage container should be opaque (to keep it away from light). ALAS! My cute glass jars will have to wait for something else. Anyway, I hope one day, when I have enough of a clue as to what I’m doing, I’ll be able to make my own tea blends. It would be pretty awesome.

Eight Year Friend: My Rainbow Wall

So, I have a mild obsession with rainbows. Why choose a color when you can have them all?

That brings me to my rainbow wall. It began when I started college in 2005, and I had no decorations to speak of. I tagged along on a trip to Home Depot, and I happened to pass by the paint section…with aaaaaalll of those paint samples! Well, I grabbed them all. All of them!. And this was the result:

As you can see I do not subscribe to the less is more line of reasoning.  And I also had a terrible camera.

I told myself I’d only put it up for one year, but each year I just kept bringing back the rainbow wall. Years later, Home Depot had the misfortune of having me in their store again, and I added a companion wall:


Unfortunately, when I moved to my current apartment, I finally ran out of room and retired the giant rainbow wall. But I did have enough room to put this homage up:

The rainbow wall in its current form, above a collage I made. 

Kodak Fiends

“In the late 1880s and early 1890s, New Yorkers responded to amateur photographers with exceptionally intense and remarkable feelings. The amateurs were positively Mephistophelean: they belonged to a class of minor demons known as ‘camera fiends,’ or ‘Kodak fiends,’ and were said ‘to be in league with some evil spirit.’ Their activities were mysterious, seductive, and intoxicating.”