Eight Year Friend: My Rainbow Wall

So, I have a mild obsession with rainbows. Why choose a color when you can have them all?

That brings me to my rainbow wall. It began when I started college in 2005, and I had no decorations to speak of. I tagged along on a trip to Home Depot, and I happened to pass by the paint section…with aaaaaalll of those paint samples! Well, I grabbed them all. All of them!. And this was the result:

As you can see I do not subscribe to the less is more line of reasoning.  And I also had a terrible camera.

I told myself I’d only put it up for one year, but each year I just kept bringing back the rainbow wall. Years later, Home Depot had the misfortune of having me in their store again, and I added a companion wall:


Unfortunately, when I moved to my current apartment, I finally ran out of room and retired the giant rainbow wall. But I did have enough room to put this homage up:

The rainbow wall in its current form, above a collage I made. 


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