Turkish Delights & Tea

I’ll say it right now: if the White Witch from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” came up to me and offered me a seemingly unending supply of Turkish Delights, I would get in her little sled and do whatever she wanted. I don’t blame Edmund at all.

I grew up watching the BBC version, so this is the only White Witch I recognize as legitimate.

Anyway, when I saw it as a kid, I had absolutely no idea what Turkish Delights even were. But Edmund went bananas over them, and they looked foreign and exotic, so I was intrigued.

…And now I can’t stop eating them. I recently had the good fortune to visit Turkey, and I went to the Egyptian Bazaar..

Oh god, yes.

My basic (and excited) approach was to buy everything. And now I have an abundance of Turkish Delight!

Which I eat off of exotic golden dishes, of course.

My favorite flavor is probably pomegranate with pistachios rolled in…wait for it…little crunchy balls of chocolate. Oh lord, it’s like a religious experience. The orange with hazelnut is great too (in the picture above).

I’ve also recently started to get into loose leaf tea, so I’ve been having a wonderful time stuffing my face. I’m currently looking for a cute (but efficient) way to store my loose leaf tea without it going stale (which apparently tea can do?). I was thinking of using some old glass jars I have lying around, but I read somewhere that the storage container should be opaque (to keep it away from light). ALAS! My cute glass jars will have to wait for something else. Anyway, I hope one day, when I have enough of a clue as to what I’m doing, I’ll be able to make my own tea blends. It would be pretty awesome.


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