On Finding a Job

Lucky me! I’m about to graduate from law school! You know what that means: finding a job.

Find a job. Easier said than done. As is oft repeated by everyone and their grandmother, the market is bad, even in law. I was stupid and waited until the last minute (of course) to begin searching. So now I’m frantically looking through listings and trying to find something appealing. I’ve noticed an interesting trend in listings. If something is listed as “entry level attorney,” the employer would like at least 3 years of professional experience (with one year, of course, doing intensive contract negotiation with one of the emirs of Qatar), five published articles, and– preferred, but not strictly necessary– the cure for cancer. It is discouraging, to say the least.

But I recently had a rather clever idea. My mother received these little note cards from someone as a gift and didn’t really want them:

She never goes by “Sue.”

She was talking about giving them away, and I thought that surely I could find some use for them. And so my idea: why not use them to find a job? I could mail these out to friends and potential employers, and I’ll be swamped with offers in no time! Why, just look how easily this card can be fashioned into something appropriate and tasteful:

On bottom: the inside of the card.

I’m kidding. But I did totally mail it to my parents as a joke. Anywho, I’m not going to give up! I had a meeting with one of my old bosses (the best boss ever!), and it was really helpful and motivational. Just gotta hang in there…it only takes one yes!

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