Being Published

So one of my photos was published:

On the right.

Okay, so it was published by my friend who runs this student magazine at Yonsei University. But still! It’s really awesome to see your work on glossy pages. She was doing an issue about genocides and atrocities and asked for this photo I took in Tuol Sleng, Cambodia:

Really sad place.

Graduation Fashion (Again)

So my friend is also graduating (different university), and I’m going to her graduation! I’m quite excited. So excited, in fact, that I think I’ve picked out what I shall wear…


Anthropologie dress. H&M cardigan. H&M flats. Egyptian scarab necklace.

Yep, I like color (and only vaguely matching). I snapped that dress up the second it went on sale. It has birds and pockets. I dare you to find a better dress! It’ll be summer, but I might as well throw a light cardigan into the mix. ….I think Mr. Rogers started my weird obsession with cardigans. Also, I once had a dream about these shoes…a frightening and aggressive barking walrus ate one of them while staring me right in the eye. I’m not sure what that says about me.

Traffic and Abstract Art

So, as I was sitting chained to my desk on a Saturday night, desperately outlining for law school finals, I looked out the window and noticed there was a lot of traffic. 

Where is everyone going?

So I grabbed my camera and had some fun. …My definition of fun.



Much like Picasso, I get more abstract as time goes on…




After making ordered little lists all day, sometimes you just need some randomly colorful abstraction in your life to keep things ridiculous.

Drawing Venetian Masks

I really enjoy drawing things that are inspired by beautiful Venice, Italy.


Specifically, I like drawing Venetian carnival masks. These are three that I drew, in the order I drew them:

Not sure what the WordPress policy is on artistic nudity so…



I first started drawing them after coming back from Venice; I was so impressed by the beautiful masks I had seen. The mask shops prohibit pictures, so they’re really just a blend of what I can recall and my own imagination. I really enjoy doing all the details…I find it soothing and relaxing. But I should probably start using a ruler or something when I draw them, because I can barely draw a straight line…

Decorating with Vintage Space Guns

Let me show you my gun collection:

I’m totally prepared for when the aliens attack.

So, I have a small collection of vintage tin lithograph toy space guns from the 1950s and 1960s. I’ve been slowly nabbing the cheaper ones off of ebay. They no longer function, of course, other than making sad little clicking noises when the trigger is pulled. They’re from an interesting variety of places…I have one from India and one from Poland. This is how I have them displayed:

They are hanging above a print of a painting by pop artist Wayne Thiebaud.

I really love the bright, pop art artistry on the guns and how they evoke the 1950’s and 1960’s fascination with space and science. It was the era of sending men to the moon and developing nuclear arms. There’s something really fanciful about brightly painted toys that purport to be atomic laser guns to be used on Mars. They make me nostalgic for a time I never knew.

I discovered them by going to the International Spy Museum in DC. They had one room that was filled with toys from the 1950s, including a large collection of tin litho “G Men” guns and cars:


I was fascinated, so I looked into them and discovered that they also made space guns. ….Yes, I am the kind of person who goes to a spy museum and walks away most impressed by colorful toys.

Graduation Fashion

I’m graduating from law school soon (eek)! My university holds two events: the graduation itself and a semi-formal gala at a museum. Of course, all that my mind could excitedly comprehend was “AHHH NEW DRESS!!” This is what I plan to wear:


Caché dress. Charm & Chain earrings. Signet class ring. OPI liquid sand Honey Ryder.

I am obsessed with those earrings…I actually have been holding onto them for a while and waiting for a special occasion to wear them. I was specifically looking for a dress that would match the earrings. Man, this dress season was tough. The color selection was awful…it was dressing for either an Easter egg hunt or a funeral. My entire closet is filled with little black dresses; I didn’t want another. And me, a pale strawberry blonde, in pastel is just…a trainwreck. Come on, designers! There were also some neutral color and gold gowns, but they were either prohibitively expensive or would have made me look like a human thumb. And there is a new mullet trend in dresses that I really do not appreciate…I want ALL of my dress to either touch the floor or reach my knees. Mullets just need to be left in the 80s.

I finally found this baby that pretty obviously knocks off Giambattista Valli and Armani gowns.(And I did not pay the price of a used car.) Fun side story: Caché arbitrarily cancelled my order because they “ran out of stock,” so I had to phone a list of stores to see if any of them had the dress in store. Anyway, the signet ring is my university’s class ring. I really love signet rings; there’s something really classic and elegant about them. Finally, gold nail polish to top it all off. I’m really loving the OPI liquid sand collection. I’m not usually a fan of sparkly polish, but I think this has a fun edge to it. I have absolutely no idea what shoes to wear…I’ll probably just throw on a pair of old black heels. Hopefully no one will be looking at my feet.

I was planning to wear this to my graduation ceremony:

The best part is I already own everything!

Nine West dress. Thomas Sabo earrings. Glass necklace. Material Girl heels.

Those are not giant pearls…they’re clear glass baubles. That’s not the exact necklace I have, but it’s close enough. I’m torn though…I was also considering this:


Anthropologie dress. Bauble Bar earrings. Le Chateau bracelet. Nine West espadrilles.

I know the shoes/dress are a little matchy-matchy, but I don’t want to buy anything new. It would probably look best with a pair of nude heels. Alas! The only problem I have this dress is the chest area is a bit small. I have that issue with a lot of dresses actually…the waist will fit but the chest will be too small. It’s probably because my rib cage is approximately the size of a baby whale.

I guess I’ll figure it out!

Smell Like an Egyptian King

So, I have had an immense fascination with ancient Egypt since I was ten years old.

Chillin’ out at Saqqara.

And to me, nothing captures the imagination like the story of King Tut and his incredible tomb. I just read that they discovered preserved perfume among all his goodies and were able to figure out its composition. The ingredients are still available today, so it is possible to recreate the scent. Here it is:

King Tut Perfume Recipe 

  • One quarter cup coconut oil [in place of animal fat that was used]

  • 6 drops of essential oil of spikenard

  • 6 drops of essential oil of frankincense

Source. It supposedly has a complex and musky aroma. It’s interesting how a plant that grows in the Nepal and India region (spikenard) ended up being used as perfume for royalty in Egypt. Anyway, now you can create a batch and walk around pretending to be an ancient Egyptian King (I’m totally planning to do this). Or a mummy. Your call.

Disclaimer: Mummy’s feet, but not King Tut’s feet.

Jewelry That Reminds Me of Cambodia

So I have this odd little necklace that I really love for a very specific reason.

Tuk Tuk!

When I saw this tuk tuk necklace by French designer N2, I was reminded immediately of Cambodia, a place that I had been wanting to visit since I first saw a picture of Angkor Wat. I finally got there in 2010!

This is the most Cambodian photo I took.

As anyone who has been there knows, short-term tourist travel is done almost exclusively by tuk tuks, colorful little chariots attached to motorcycles (or, like the necklace, one piece vehicles). My friends and I hired one specific driver over the three days that we visited Angkor Wat/Angor Thom; he took us to and from the area and stuck with us throughout the day. The man should have been eligible for a job with the CIA, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure how, but he always seemed to know or anticipate exactly where we were and was always there to meet us. We kept talking about how we had the best tuk tuk driver in Cambodia (which was true). Anyway, the necklace reminds me of that absolutely beautiful country, filled with sweet people and seemingly psychic tuk tuk drivers.

Snapshot of a line of tuk tuks at the night market in Siem Reap.

My First Gloves: Iron Man Gloves

So I did not know how to make gloves until last summer. I was quite content working on blankets and scarves, but my friend saw some Iron Man gloves on tumblr, and I agreed to make her a pair. I worked off the picture and this pattern. (I ignored the ‘thumb area’ part.) Here is what I ended up with:

These will turn you into Robert Downey Jr. Oh god, I wish.

However, I found some issues with the pattern. I changed both the number of stitches (as needed for sizing and thumb comfort) and working in the round.


Work off the linked pattern above (ignoring ‘thumb area’ section) and the picture for color switching.


Round one: Once you’ve made the cuff, working on the ends of the cuff, sc around X times, then join with slst to first sc. Ch1. TURN WORK.

Round two: Sc in each sc around and slst to first sc. Ch1. TURN WORK.

Once you’ve made the thumb hole, keep turning the work with each round so that you’re alternatively working the wrong side and the right side of the piece. This is because if you don’t turn the work when making this part of the glove, the stitch pattern will look inconsistent throughout the glove (since you’re forced to turn to make the thumb hole). I discovered this the hard way. Learn from my mistakes!

Finally, you just need to make a very basic circle and sew it on (the worst part, by far). I just messed around and freehanded the circle until I got one that was the best size. It’s very easy!

My friend was very pleased with how they turned out (as was I). And they set off my obsession with making gloves. I am unapologetic in my absolute love for fingerless gloves. I’m from New York, so I know they do absolutely nothing for you in terms of warmth, but they’re so cool. 

Pages from my Sketchbook I

I just feel like dumping some sketches I’ve done that I’ve never put up on DA that would otherwise spend eternity in my sketchbook. Sketches get lonely too!

There may be a theme here…

So I scratched this out about two years ago. I had just taken a big law school final, and Lady Gaga’s Judas had just been released. I needed to relax, so I grabbed a glass of wine and a pen! I’m something of an agnostic, but I really like crosses. A lot. I think they’re beautiful and really graphic.