Springtime Crochet and Flowery Work in Progress

Spring has sprung! Spring is the air! Etc.!

So I made myself a springtime scarf, even though DC weather seems to ignore spring and just launch right into an oppressing summer heat right from winter. I’d seen Queen Anne’s Lace (and its variants) floating around the internet, and I wanted to give it a go! This pattern was my favorite of all the options, and I figured that if I used a big enough enough hook, it would transform from a bookmark to a scarf. I ended up getting the yarn for a dollar because it was the last one in the bin and was missing its tag. I was so pleased with myself (and the cashier)! Anyway, it was a fun and quick little project between my bigger projects.

The results. 

I think the pattern worked really well with the variegation of the yarn!

Anyway, I have a lot of other crochet projects in the works, but they’ll probably have to wait for a while since finals (!) and then the bar exam (!!!!) are coming up. I am, however, slowly working on a bigger project with this pattern and some freehand work using a picture I found as a guide. I’m really excited about it!

Happy little puffy flowers!

It’s going to be a present for my sister. I’m hoping it turns out like I think it will.


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