A Rug: My First Big Crochet Project

So my first big crochet project was a rug. Until that point, I had made some scarves and a hat but nothing too substantial. I was moving into my first apartment, and I was extremely excited, so I decided to make myself a rug. I used bits and pieces of yarn that I already had and made myself this:

So retro.

It reminds me a bit of Kandinsky’s Color Study of Squares, though that wasn’t intentional. I love love love the fringe. I hate the 70’s aesthetic, but I love fringe. Go figure. It was also really fun to put all the fringe-y tassels on! I have since moved apartments and, through a heavy obsession with rugs, run out of floor space for more rugs, so my dear first big crochet project has found a new place in my room….

I really like mixing patterns and colors.

I think it really jazzes up a cheap Papasan chair I bought at Target (oh god, so 70’s I can’t even handle it). Maybe I’m in 70’s-love denial. And now I want to make something else with fringe…

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