A Procession of Birds Et Al.

Oh, I miss my birds at home. My family has a bird feeder that we put out on our deck, and I like to spend my summers sitting on the deck, taking pictures of the birds. They are funny little creatures, and you get to know their various personalities by species. The cardinal is something of a coward; the chickadee is bold and fearless; the woodpecker is a pushy bully but frightened of those who are bigger than he is. When I moved, I bought a 5 picture vertical picture frame and put in my pictures of the various birds. This is what I ended up with:

♪ One of these things is not like the other… ♪

The last one, whom I affectionately call the flightless striped bird, is such a little pain. We put seeds on the deck for the birds who prefer ground feeding, and his greedy self is never far away. You turn away for a moment, and next thing you know, he’s sitting there, shoving every single seed into his mouth. Ugh. But he’s still not as bad as….

The night raiders.

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