The First Page of my Current Sketchbook

An offensive watercolor apple.

Yeah, this is actually the first page of my sketchbook I’m currently using. I painted this apple about four or so years ago and was so furious with how it turned out, I ripped it out of my watercolor book. But not before giving it an appropriate title with my pen, as seen in the angry scribbling in the bottom left corner. In my defense, I think it’s the type of highbrow title you’d see in the Museum of Modern Art next to a painting of a pear. 

I later reassessed the page and taped it in the front of my new sketchbook as a type of reminder. For one, I don’t think it’s the worst apple I’ve ever seen. And secondly, even if it were, it doesn’t matter. Not every page will be a masterpiece, and I shouldn’t hold myself to such an unrealistic standard. I should not be drawing or painting something with the expectation that it will be perfect and that if it is not, I have somehow failed. It’s okay to mess up and paint something ugly. Creation is not about perfection. Each ugly apple is one step closer to becoming a better artist.


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