My First Gloves: Iron Man Gloves

So I did not know how to make gloves until last summer. I was quite content working on blankets and scarves, but my friend saw some Iron Man gloves on tumblr, and I agreed to make her a pair. I worked off the picture and this pattern. (I ignored the ‘thumb area’ part.) Here is what I ended up with:

These will turn you into Robert Downey Jr. Oh god, I wish.

However, I found some issues with the pattern. I changed both the number of stitches (as needed for sizing and thumb comfort) and working in the round.


Work off the linked pattern above (ignoring ‘thumb area’ section) and the picture for color switching.


Round one: Once you’ve made the cuff, working on the ends of the cuff, sc around X times, then join with slst to first sc. Ch1. TURN WORK.

Round two: Sc in each sc around and slst to first sc. Ch1. TURN WORK.

Once you’ve made the thumb hole, keep turning the work with each round so that you’re alternatively working the wrong side and the right side of the piece. This is because if you don’t turn the work when making this part of the glove, the stitch pattern will look inconsistent throughout the glove (since you’re forced to turn to make the thumb hole). I discovered this the hard way. Learn from my mistakes!

Finally, you just need to make a very basic circle and sew it on (the worst part, by far). I just messed around and freehanded the circle until I got one that was the best size. It’s very easy!

My friend was very pleased with how they turned out (as was I). And they set off my obsession with making gloves. I am unapologetic in my absolute love for fingerless gloves. I’m from New York, so I know they do absolutely nothing for you in terms of warmth, but they’re so cool. 


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