Meteor Shower Nails

Okay, so apparently all I have time/energy to do in between my panicked bar studying is posts about nails. I’m okay with that.

Save Me” by OPI layered over “Black Cherry Chutney” by OPI. 

Also featured in this picture: constitutional law. I really, really like “Save Me.” It’s hard to get a representative picture of it because it changes colors depending on the lighting and angle of the nail. It is basically comprised of little silver glitter and bigger bars of rainbowy color-changing glitter. It reminds me of meteor showers with the linear flashes of changing color in a dark background dotted with silver.


Far be it from me to criticize, but does NASA take these pictures with a phone camera from 1998? Their pictures always seem so blurry. Come on, NASA! Break into that billion dollar budget and spring for a camera that was made in this century. I kid.


Cake Batter Nails

So I saw this new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polish at the store and was intrigued…

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat “All Yarned Up” over Essie “Blanc”

I really like how it came out. I don’t think it’s all that textured or fuzzy ( although I’m totally a fan of this textured nail craze), but they’re really fun and feathery. I purposely chose the color scheme to resemble my favorite food group…

Funfetti cake batter is a food group, right?

Don’t take advice from food

I started studying for the bar this week. Oy.

So I had Chinese food for dinner tonight and as I cracked open my fortune cookie, I thought,  “well, maybe the universe will send me something topical and serendipitous that shall lift my spirits and inspire my intellect.”


Or maybe not.

What does that even mean? I think it’s attempting to emulate some sort of Buddhist philosophy; it comes off as advocating kidnapping endangered animals. Cookie, the World Wildlife Fund would like a word with you.