Happy Holidays!

Have a glass of good cheer. And lots of bokeh. 

I hope everyone had a very Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

I always think the best gifts are sentimental. Each Christmas, I try and do some sort of special non-store bought gift for each of my parents. This year, I made my mother a crochet blanket (which has yet to be finished, of course…) and after some internet research and family member interrogation, I was able to recreate the cookies that my grandmother used to make my father each Christmas. Ever the complicated woman, she gave the recipe to family members with ingredients intentionally missing and therefore took the actual recipe to her grave twelve years ago. Not to go all Marcel Proust-y, but it’s interesting how much a smell can be missed.

Crochet blanket work-in-progress.

As per my usual craziness, I’m not satisfied with the result, so I think I’m going to deconstruct it and go about it in a different way. I’m working off of an inspiration picture only, so the possibilities are limited only by my crochet prowess.

Shortbread cookies with chocolate ganache topping.

I’m almost positive this was the recipe my grandmother used. I knew she had obtained it from a magazine, so I was prepared to spend my days in a library, going through the back issues of magazines from the 60s! Glad it didn’t come to that!


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