Crochet Tree of Life Blanket


*Trumpets sound, angels sing* My second blanket is finally done! …Actually, it’s been done for maybe two months, but taking pictures of it is difficult because of the raised trees. It looks awful with flash, so you need enough natural light (read: a sunny day) to take a decent picture. But it looks beautiful in person in any kind of light, of course!

ANYWAY, for those interested, I used this very free patternΒ on the Lion Brand website. I changed it a little bit to suit my tastes. I added more room between the thistles/flowers in the middle because I thought they were spaced too closely together. It threw off the square shape of the blanket, but I don’t really mind. I also changed the border.

Here is a detailed view of a tree:


I actually really enjoyed making this blanket, especially the trees. I hadn’t learned that stitch before (the back post and front post stitch), and it was super fun!

Progress pic.

It went surprisingly fast. This is after about a month or so of working on it very sporadically (thanks a lot, law school!).

Taken with flash.

This was a border I was going to add but I thought it was a bit too much. I think with the trees and the flowers/thistles and the multicolored raised border, it is fine as it is. It’s important to have an editing eye.

Anyway, I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s my second blanket overall and my first blanket that isn’t worked in the round/comprised of squares to be put together. I encourage everyone interested to try the pattern! It looks overwhelming and challenging but once you get started, it’s really not that hard (I promise)!


8 thoughts on “Crochet Tree of Life Blanket

    • Thank you! πŸ˜€ Ugh, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I really don’t remember. The three border colors were bits and pieces I had left over from other projects. The pattern itself suggests 15 skeins, which is probably about right.

  1. I’ve done this pattern and must say yours looks BEAUTIFUL! I want to make another but I was unhappy with the finished product being crooked. Can I ask- what type of yarn did you use? I used wool-ease but it was difficult and bulky…. And how much space did you put between the roses? I think that would be the key to keeping its shape better (as yours has!)

    Once again – beautiful job and I’m really impressed.

    • Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I used Ever Soft yarn (lilac color) and was pretty happy with it. I did add 4 extra rows of single crochet between the flowers because I wasn’t happy with the spacing in the original pattern. Doing that did throw off the square shape of the blanket a little, but I was okay with that.

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