Snow Birds: Part II

Male cardinal. 

We were hit with another snowstorm, so I brought out the camera. Our male cardinals are total babies and very skittish. Until today I had never successfully taken a picture of a cardinal in the snow. I was determined…so I had to stand there for fifteen minutes losing feeling in my feet before one was brave enough to come near the seeds I had put out. Victory! I love how the red stands in stark contrast to the white/gray tones of the snow.

Clockwise: cardinal (m), black-eyed junco (?), cardinal (f), cardinal (f), white throated sparrow (I think).

Here is a nice little sampler of the various birds who were out today. My favorite is probably the lady cardinal with snow all over her face.

Dark-eyed junco.

Someone’s feather is sticking out of his head…

Female cardinal.

Here is a pretty female cardinal watching the snow fall from a tree. And finally, honorable mention…


This squirrel was unusually skittish. Normally, I practically have to physically toss squirrels away from the bird feeder. I had barely pointed my camera in his direction when he took off at full speed and launched himself right into a tree. So graceful (not).

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