Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m chronically single, but I still like Valentine’s Day because it’s cheerful and has awesome candy. I was bored and made a little heart out of some loose leaf flower tea I have and these little cinnamon candy hearts that I love more than anything, including feeling in my mouth. Every year I eat enough to lose sensation in my mouth, and every year I don’t care. One day I’ll learn! (Only no, I probably won’t.)

So what do I love…


Tea, of course. I’ve been drinking a crazy amount of green tea recently. The Scrabble cup was a Christmas gift. No, there is no “Z” anywhere in my name…but if I’m picking out letters, why wouldn’t I want a letter worth the most points? I also just like Z as a letter. I’m one of those people who crosses my Zs (and my 7s). I think I picked the habit up in French class. You know what goes well with tea?


Sweets! My mum also surprised me with a happy little donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Maybe my northeasterness is showing, but there is no better place for doughnuts (and yes, I’ve had Krispy Kreme).

And no discussion of love is complete without mentioning my biggest habit…


Me, standing on my current project that is (almost, kind of) near completion! I painted a heart on my toe with nail polish because, wouldn’t you know it, of all the paint that I brought home with me, I don’t have any red! The color I’m wearing on my toe nails is Zoya’s Tobey. It can only be described as Barbie World pink.

 I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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