Crochet Teabag Label Bookmark

So I was bored this past weekend and decided to start on a project that popped into my head a few weeks ago. Here is the final outcome:

Kindly ignore the horribly depressing words of the book, Into Thin Air.

I’ve been chugging crazy amounts of green tea lately, and one night I looked at the string/label and thought it would make an adorable little bookmark! So I made one! Here are the materials I used:


So, we’ve got off-white yarn, green yarn, red felt, off-white felt, a sewing needle, different colored sewing thread, and black thick thread.

First using the white yarn, I crocheted a chain as long as I wanted/thought looked good. I then single crocheted in the second chain stitch from the hook and in every chain stitch after. I then broke off the yarn.

Moving next to the green yarn, I made two identical label pieces. I chained 10, then single crocheted in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across for a total of 9 stitches. I then chained one and single crocheted into each stitch for eleven more rows to make a rectangle. On the thirteenth row, I began decreasing stitches at the ends. This means I single crocheted two stitches together to make one single crochet stitch on each end (for symmetry). I did this for three rows until I ended up with three stitches. I then broke off the yarn.

There ends the crocheting part! Everything after this involved sewing (yaaay, my favorite…). I cut out a piece of white felt and a heart on the red felt. I first sewed the heart onto the piece of white felt. I then used the thick black thread to embroider the word “tea” onto the white felt (by far the worst/most difficult part). Once that was finished, I sewed the white felt onto one of the green crocheted label pieces. I then placed the long white chain between the two green label pieces and sewed them together! And there you have it, a cute little bookmark.

More pictures:

Bookmark in a closed book.

Public service announcement: never use books as coasters!


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