Painting: Fitzroy, the King of Goldfish

Heavy is the head that wears the fancy crown.

So after a long break from painting, I jumped back in. Kind of. I oh-so-smartly left almost all of my watercolors behind while moving back (except for white and van dyke brown– good thinking, me!) so I had to crack into some watercolor pencils I’ve had lying around for a while. 


You see how the top part has some words on it? Those would be the instructions. Which, in my excitement and haste, I neglected to read. So of course I dipped one of the pencils into the water and then wondered why it wasn’t working. Yeah, I know. Anyway, I still prefer watercolor paints to these pencils, but they’re a nice substitute for now. 

As for the fish up there, I think I might put in a background, but I think otherwise he’s done. 


Being Sick

Illustration of how my coughing evolved into bronchitis:

Well…I think I’m hilarious. 

I am sooooo super sick right now (seriously, the Dayquil does nothing!). I decided to channel all my sick-y horribleness into a funny little drawing about how my illness evolved. I will never not make Pokemon jokes. It is my right as an American.

The coloring isn’t terrific, but I left most of my art stuff back in New York, so I had to go to Walmart to buy some Crayola colored pencils (along with the aforementioned useless Dayquil). And Koffing and Weezing are the strangest shades of purple I’ve ever seen.