First Circular Knit: West Desert Hood


I finished my very first circular knit just in time for fall! I used the absolutely fabulous West Desert Hood pattern.

A note on the ribbing– I found that using a 8 ply yarn with US size 8 needles made for some very loose and rather sloppy looking ribbing. I had never done ribbing before so I learned this the hard way, and it involved a lot of ripping out my work while making an angry monster face. SO after much trial and error, I ended up using US size 6 needles for the ribbing and then transferring it over to the US size 8s for the rest of the pattern (until the final ribbing). I suppose it’s a matter of taste; I prefer tighter looking ribbing.

I didn’t get any in-progress shots, but it’s really quite a fun and simple pattern!


I used Malabrigo Mech in Archangel, which is just the most gorgeous yarn, with its blend of reds, oranges, and purples. I discovered it in a little yarn shop in Maine, and I’m absolutely hooked!


Bonus cell phone selfie! It was about 80 degrees outside when I took this and it’s quite a warm cowl, so that might account for the crazy eyes.


Making Peace with the Enemy: Knitting

I’m really a crocheter at heart. I “learned” how to knit years and years ago. And I was terrible at it. Truly horrid. We’re talking giant needles and scarves that didn’t advance beyond stockinette stitch in chunky heinous yarns. I didn’t even know how to bind off. Recently, I took up the needles again, determined to not be awful.

Work in progress!

My real goal was to learn the fair isle knitting with which I had become mildly obsessed. I bought this book, which I found really helpful. I went through a few different patterns and techniques in that book in order to practice. The first actual pattern that I mastered was:

I call it fishscale. Shhh, it makes sense in my wee little brain.

And then set my eye on fair isle. It was less difficult than I anticipated! So far I’ve been working off patterns found online, but I hope to create my own soon!

My first actual knit work (that I don’t plan to unravel…I’m a serial unraveler) is in the first picture. It is going to be a sampler scarf, with a little bit of everything mixed into one scarf. I think it’s much less boring for me to work on and also allows me to get practice working a bunch of different patterns. Of course, it’s been pushed to the backburner with the holidays coming up…

Anyway, after a long and contentious relationship, I am happy that knitting and I are finally friends.