Hammerhead Shark: My First Crochet Amigurumi

Drink umbrella for size. And shade.

In honor of Shark Week, I made my first amigurumi! I named him Sharkie Shark (but he does not hang out with the funky bunch). He likes hanging out under tiny drink umbrellas in the sand and collecting seashells.

So, I actually really love sharks as an animal, and hammerheads are one of my favorite sharks. While I like the concept of Shark Week, I am really not a fan of Discovery’s programming (I think its filled with unscientific fear-exploiting garbage that just harms the reputation of sharks). But I wanted to make a little amigurumi shark to celebrate the wondrous toothy creatures anyway!

I’ve never made an amigurumi before, and I found it to be a fun and quick experience! I worked from a pattern in this book. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it though– the instructions were a bit unclear and the fin pattern was a complete mess. I ended up creating my own pattern for all of the fins (tail, dorsal, and pectoral) and changing the eyes (why use french knots in yarn when you have beads?).

Bonus pictures:




Shark Slippers

So I went the National Aquarium in Baltimore. And I saw sharks.

Aforementioned shark. In my defense, it was a dark exhibit…

Did you know that cows kill ten times as many people as sharks do? It was written on the aquarium wall, so you know it’s not a lie. I love sharks with their rows of teeth and gill breathing. And then I saw these babies in the gift shop:

Love at first sight. They even have little felt teeth.

Obviously I bought them immediately. I was in the market for slippers anyway, since the floor of my house is a waking nightmare and the Destroyer of Bare Feet (I have stepped on glass before, and I still don’t know where it came from). But the best part is that now I can look like one of my favorite fashion icons:


The inscrutable Tracy Jordan of 30 Rock.